Friday, April 16, 2010


It seems like every month it gets busier and busier for us. In the last month we went to Alaska for a week and moved to Oklahoma City. We went house hunting in Fairbanks, AK and found a nice place for us; even though it's another townhome (Steve wonders if we'll ever have our own detached home :)). It's a bigger place though, with 1800 sq ft, and the community has 6 little parks and tennis and basketball courts and a clubhouse. We looked around for 5 days, and this was definitely the best option for us. We're under contract now, so hopefully everything will run smoothly until our closing in a couple months. I flew with Alec with our Skymiles' points, and Steve flew on standby. On the way back, poor Steve couldn't get on a flight and he ended sleeping on an airport for 2 nights before arriving home. I'm so glad Alec and I didn't have the same problem. We started accumulating our AlaskaAir miles now, so that we don't have to run into the same problem in the future. One thing I didn't know about Fairbanks is that it doesn't snow so much there, it's just really cold. Steve's training started a couple weeks ago, and so we got all packed up and managed to fit everything in our Jeep. It was about a 10 hr drive, which we did in 2 days with Alec. I don't think we could have handled more than 10 hrs in a car with an energetic 16-month old. So now we're here in OKC! Steve's been doing great with his training and we have about 11 weeks left here. Then, we'll drive back to Colorado and pack our stuff into the moving truck so Steve can make the long drive to Alaska. Alec and I will stay a couple more days in Colorado then fly there to meet Steve. In between now and then I'm planning on making a trip to Brazil with Alec, because it will sure be hard in the next few years to fly all the way from Alaska to Brazil. Alec has been flying like crazy, and he does pretty good on the plane (hopefully that won't change). Alec has been talking so much (or at least trying to). He tries to copy a lot of things we say. He can say most words in Portuguese, but he sure understands English too. Lately he's been obsessed with a stuffed bear, which he calls him "Buddy" (my parent's Golden Retriever, which he loved). He pretty much thinks all animals are "Buddy." I ask him where Buddy is, and he brings the bear to me then says "WowWow"...which is the sound of a dog barking in Portuguese :) He loves to eat bread, and can say that too. But the funniest thing since he's been watching a Brazilian kid's show every morning, if I count to three in Portuguese, then he yells "Quatro" (which means "4"). It's sooooo cute!! I'm going out every day with him to parks, malls, etc. I'm trying to discover new places to take him to around here. Our life is definitely an adventure!!!

Alec loves this book, he says "Bah Bah" for Brown Bear.

In Alaska
All cars have an electrical chord to plug into to these yellow plugs in the parking lots when it gets really cold
Alec did good while we went house hunting...these are some of his expressions:

Our new home!
The Alaska Pipeline...pretty cool!!

At the airport in Fairbanks
Alec's first Easter hunt!!
It didn't take him long to open the eggs and eat all those M&Ms.

Here in Oklahoma at our furnished apt.

Missing everyone!!