Monday, October 13, 2008

San Diego Trip

This is a quick video from my trip about a year ago to San Diego in a 172. My friend and I flew about 9 hrs from Denver to San Diego trying to build some time for our commercial pilot certificate. We flew from Centennial to Albuquerque, Albuquerque to Phoenix, Phoenix to San Diego International. San Diego International was awesome. I flew the localizer approach in to their only runway just over top of the condos and into the displaced threshold where the centerline lights were all lit up just before dusk. What a rush! Behind me was a MD-11 from FEDEX and in front of me was a B-737 from Southwest. I had the throttle firewalled and the airspeed indicator pegged. We were probably doing about 145 knots or so down to the runway. Luckily the air was really smooth this day. We stayed the night in KSAN and then flew to Catalina Island the next morning. This was also a cool flight because it was about 50 nm off the coast of Southern California located at the top of a mountain. The runway was 3000 ft long (shortest runway I have landed on). At the end of the runway is a cliff that goes off into the ocean about 1200 ft. below. Very cool! Check out the link. I know the photography isn't very good, but my friend is the one that took it. He's a pilot not a photographer.