Sunday, July 31, 2011

RVing in the Kenai

I was having a hard time posting pictures here on the blog, so they are on facebook...just go to this link and you can see them:

Have a great week!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Train Ride to Denali

We had a fun weekend riding the train to Denali and back as we celebrated 5 years of marriage!!

Great views!

There's a moose in the lake :)

The little town of Denali.

My handsome boys!

Keeping Alec busy with movies while we wait for the train...

Finally, the peanut butter chocolate ice cream pie I made for Steve on Father's Days...yummy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Recap of our last 3 months

We had an eventful last few months, with lots of pictures :)

We headed down to the "Lower 48" for a few weeks. Steve had training in OKC and I stayed with family in CO. As you can see below, Alec was entertained at the airports with anything that moved (escalators, elevators, doors, etc)...overall we had a good trip getting down there.

While at my parents' house, I made my first "Chocoflan"(chocolate cake with a cream cheese flan and caramel)...everyone loved it!

Alec loved playing with his cousin Ethan...aren't they so cute!

Steve met us in Arizona for a weekend. We got see most of his family there and had lots of fun. The weather was sooo nice. While there we took Alec to the Phoenix Zoo.

They had camels, lions, monkeys, etc...but Alec really cared more for the birds!
Alec loved Easter cause he got tons of candy! At least he's well trained...
1) Open the candy

2) Eat it

3) Clean my hands

This last month we've been doing projects around the house. One of them was painting. Here's how our living room turned out :)

(notice the new chandelier)

Then last weekend we decided last minute to drive down to Anchorage since Steve's dad had a long layover there. I'd never been there outside of the airport so I was excited to visit it. The drive wasn't bad at all and we had lots of fun! The views are AMAZING! I love the mountains by the ocean, wish I had a view like that from my house :)

Alec enjoyed the trip too!

Posing for me at the hotel in downtown Anchorage.

While there we looked at some trailers to buy and in one of the places the owner had his dogs running around in the parking lot. They were so cute and friendly. Alec had a blast playing with them.

Notice him going under the dog...he thought that was fun but the dog surely didn't.

We saw some moose (the two black dots in the back/right)

More amazing views!

Alec, grandpa and Captain Cook.

We tried Moose's Tooth pizzas and they were good! We definitely loved Snow City Cafe though.
On our drive back we got a clear view of Mount McKinley (right in the middle of the picture), the tallest mountain in N. America.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A moose, the northern lights, a check-ride, a fancy dinner...

All in one day! This past Saturday Steve came home from work to tell me he passed his check-ride, which means he's moving on to the next (and last) level of training in his job until he becomes a certified air traffic controller. This was a big deal and we are very proud of him, and glad it's done! Then, our church friend and neighbor Tiffany called to tell me there was a moose hanging out in the neighborhood. So Steve drove down the street and took pictures/videos of this huuuuuge moose (and notice that we can't even see its full legs because it's covered by a foot of snow). Those things are so huge! Guess I'll never be letting Alec play by himself in the neighborhood :) So then we went to "The Turtle Club" restaurant to celebrate (Steve's advancement, not the moose) and had shrimp, prime rib, and fried halibut....yummm! To top of the day we got another call from Tiffany close to midnight and she told us that the Northern Lights were out. So we hopped in the car and drove around for 1 hour to see the lights, or the "Aurora". It's so amazing to see the bright green color it produces. We did not get a good picture of it with our camera, but one of Steve's co-workers took the following pictures. And yes, we can see them that bright by driving 5-10 minutes away from my house. So cool!! Anyways, we had a good Saturday! Today Alec was extremely grumpy from the lack of sleep from the previous night (blame it on the Aurora), and then during dinner he fell off his chair and bumped his chin on the table = cut his tongue and bled a ton. Ohhhhh, the joys of a 2-yr old! I hope it heals soon cause it hurts him every time he eats something. Maybe I'll get a picture of his tongue tomorrow?!

Also wanted to share our first homemade pizza...
it turned out great, and notice that it's Stuffed Crust!!!