Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last post of the day...Mt Rushmore Trip!

For Labor Day weekend we stayed in Rapid City but drove up to Keystone, Custer, Deadwood, and other small towns around there. On the trip it went me, Steve, my mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law...enjoy the pics!

We also visited a Chuckwagon Supper & Show in the area...

In Deadwood, we took a bus tour around the town and visited Calamity Jane and Wild Bill's grave.

It was a long drive, 6:30 hrs each way, but thank goodness my parents have a DVD player in their car and we got to watch a few of movies each way.

It was a great weekend!

I'm back....

So I had to take a quick break from the last post 'cause it was taking too long to upload all the pictures I wanted. I must mention that my favorite part about the house renovation was putting in ceiling fans in the bedrooms (thanks Dave), I don't know if I could have lived without them!! Also, this summer (I forgot to mention below) we had Kristin's wedding and here are some more pictures from that. For those who don't know, Kristin is Steve's oldest sister. Isn't she soooo beautiful!

The bride

My sister Fernanda, my mom Lucy, me and sister-in-law Virginia

Steve & Keri (other sister)

Kristin & Nick

Steve, Virginia, Lucy and Fernanda

Brenda looked great!

An overview of the Summer day off and nothing to do! So I've downloaded some recent pictures to the computer and will post an overview of this summer's events.

So many things happened this summer, and I must say it went by pretty fast! I can't believe I only have about 2.5 months left until little Alec comes to join the family. By the way, so far that's the name we have chosen for him. No middle name yet, but it will come to us....

We bought our first home in June, a small, old townhouse in Littleton, near Chatfield Reservoir. We spent weeks and many, many hours redoing many things in it and we are not done yet. Here are some pictures of the renovated place...I wish I had taken pictures before we painted and redid the bathroom because it was really ugly, and it made such a difference!

The downstairs (and me at 28 weeks)

Our dinning area

Downstairs from a different angle (you can see our small kitchen)

View from the front door

The kitchen is small and outdated, but we did put a new light fixture.

The entrance (and we have some rich neighbors across the fence)

The outside

The backyard...just kidding, our patio.

The view from upstairs

The baby's progress

Our bedroom (and office)

The upstairs bathroom

Steve helped tile around the tub and put new floor tile


Also this Summer we celebrated Steve's and my 24th birthday. We are getting up there!!!

At Rodizio Grill - a Brazilian restaurant downtown Denver where we celebrated Steve's b-day. (Steve's mom, dad and my sister-in-law Virginia)
Steve's mom didn't want to try any of the chicken hearts.....I love them!!!

(My mom, Steve and I)

My b-day!


For Labor Day weekend we decided to go visit Mt Rushmore in South Dakota, it was pretty fun! I'll post those pictures next's taking too long!!