Tuesday, December 22, 2009

B-day Boy

So we did a little b-day party for Alec's 1st b-day at our clubhouse. It's been a month already but I kept on forgetting to post some pictures for our extended family and friends who couldn't be here for his b-day...Soooo here we go...Alec did good, I thought he was going to have fun opening the gifts but he didn't care for them at the time. Now he loves his new toys, books and clothes. He had a special b-day outfit as you can see. I did a Mickey Mouse theme since he just loooves watching Mickey Mouse, and of course we had to have hot diggity dogs to eat (with Dave and Brenda’s amazing chili), and a b-day party can never go without Brazilian candy that my mom and I made. It was fun! Thank you everyone who was able to come and celebrate his first b-day ever!!! He'll have fun looking back at these pictures when he's older.

Merry Christmas to everyone!