Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life in OK

I can't believe Steve's over halfway done with training, and we only have a few weeks left here. Time has gone by fast as Alec and I try to find fun things to do and Steve's been very busy with training. He's been doing great on all his tests, getting 100% on most of them. About a week and a half ago we definitely experienced Spring in Oklahoma with tornado warnings, softball-size hail, and strong wings. The tornado actually went through the next town south of us, but the hail made a lot of damage to our car (see picture). A few windows broke in our apartment complex, and many homes had holes on their roof from the hail, some holes made all the way through inside the house. Oh man, it was NOT FUN! Then again last Sunday another bad storm came through with strong hail which damaged lots of cars and buildings north of here and didn't come near us, but still was scary to think about the possibility of damaging our rental car too. Then yesterday the whole state of OK was under tornado watch with a few tornados touching down in different areas. I was watching the news all the day long but thank goodness we didn't get much where we live. It was still scary to think about the possibility of a tornado and more hail damage as the news kept saying we had a 9 out of 10 chance for tornados... Wow! Thank goodness for bathrooms! (Where they say it’s the safest place to stay in case of a tornado, if you don’t have a tornado shelter or basement). Besides all this violent weather we've been having fun at the library, parks, malls and hanging out with some people in our ward. Everyone here is very friendly! This whole time I've been here I kept forgetting to take pictures, but a couple days ago I decided to get that camera out. Here are some pics of Alec at the park, who turns 18 months in a couple days!!!
the hail
the carlots of homes look like this, with roofs patched from the holes
Alec eating fruit after the park
Silly boy
At the park

All he wanted to do was push his stroller around for over an hour
Picking "flowers"