Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Greetings from North Pole

Happy New Year!

I've been feeling so lazy to post here, but I figured I NEED to. Our families always remind us to post, and it's pretty much the only place we put updated pictures of Alec. We had such a fun time in CO with our family for Thanksgiving. Alec was pretty attached to me the whole time, but he sure enjoyed being all spoiled by the grandparents. We definitely miss Colorado, especially when it got to 60's while we were there. Alec didn't do so good on the plane ride back to Fairbanks though; it was a very long flight for all of us (including the people seating around us). When we got back, depression kicked was dark, snowy, and in the -30's. Plus, I had decided beforehand to work full-time during the holidays and it was NOT fun. I'm so glad that's over. We actually didn't have a traditional Christmas celebration in our house, but after much needed sleep we were able to put together a small turkey dinner the day after Christmas. We figured Alec would never know what day Christmas is at this age. We definitely missed being with our families at this time of the year, but we figured we might as well enjoy ourselves. This week has been much less stressful, and the weather is been much nicer (-5 degrees...hehe). We are definitely excited for the New Year. We hope to have lots of fun as a family and make great memories together. Hope you will too!!

Cousins: Alec and Ethan...that was the best shot!!

Thanksgiving at the McLeish's with my mom

Steve was excited about all the food :)
Cousins holding hands

They had lots of fun together

Eating in downtown Denver with friends

Denver Parade of Lights