Monday, March 31, 2008

Just want to let everyone know...

Steve is now a Commercial Pilot... he passed his Commercial test on Saturday! Wooo hoooo!!

(At NY Pizza the other day for Virginia's b-day)


I'm not a big cook (yet), but I love to make things with chocolate. So I finally made a Petit Gateau recipe that worked. It's like a "lava cake" that Beto made for Steve in Brazil, and he loved it! I've tried it several times but you can't cook too long or too little. Here are some pictures of my perfect Petit Gateau...I was so proud I got it right that I took some pictures!!

Continuing with the mom and I got together before Easter and made some homemade chocolate eggs. I had brought the molds from Brazil and wanted to use them. That's how Easter eggs are in Brazil, and the kids hunt for these big chocolate eggs on Easter.

We made a chocolate egg, a marble egg, and my favorite: a chocolate, white chocolate and coconut filled egg. I also took a picture of them cause they were soooo good!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Can't believe we are 1/3 through the year 2008 already...t's going by sooo fast. Don't you think??