Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our first month

in Alaska! :)

We are finally done unpacking, and are enjoying our new town.
This was our first week by ourselves as my grandma was here for the first 3 weeks to help out. We brought her with us from Brazil in June, and now she is spending a few weeks with my parents in CO then heading back to Brazil. We definitely miss her help and her cooking :) My parents have also come up and visited for a few days, and Steve's dad has been here twice. We are so thankful he and Ryan (Steve's brother) were able to drive up here with Steve to bring our moving truck and both cars. Alec sure loves when we have company in the house, he gets really attached to them.
I still haven't taken my camera out since we got here, but here are some pictures my parents took while they were here.

This is what Fairbanks looked like when my parents were midnight!

We had to drive by Steve's new job...
It was hard to keep Alec still for the picture

In North Pole, at Santa Claus' House
of course they had reindeer!

Alec was asleep at the time, so grandma filled in to get a picture with Santa :)
At Chena Hot Springs

All you can eat Prime Rib, Salmon, Halibut and Cod!!

We saw a few moose

In front of my house
Living room...and grandma napping...
Alec saying "hand" in Portuguese cause I tell him he will get his hands stuck
making some cinnamon rolls...yummy!
BBQ in the back
the grill master
So believe it or not we had a few really hot days here and this week Alec and I went to the "beach" in Fairbanks with some friends...he's the one wearing the pink hat, which I had to borrow from my friend's daughter :) It was pretty fun!
There he is!!